47 Egyptian Cat Names

It is fitting for cats to have an Egyptian name since they have a long and colorful history in Egypt

There is no contest when it comes to a culture’s affinity for cats: Egypt wins hands down. Ancient Egyptian art and writings feature cats dating back thousands of years. Probably the first society to live with and love domesticated cats was the Egyptians.

47 Egyptian Cat Names
47 Egyptian Cat Names

Mice, rats, snakes, scorpions, and other vermin were hunted and killed by cats in Egyptian granaries and homes, earning them utmost reverence. The Egyptians also placed a great deal of importance on cats in their religion. A number of Egyptian goddesses had cat-like heads, and cats appear in drawings and works of art. Anyone found harming or killing a cat faced severe consequences. Cats were revered and protected. In Egypt, cats are still considered sacred and valuable.

There is a long history between Egypt and cats, which serves as a wonderful source of inspiration for cat names. Egyptian cat names will likely be interesting and unique for your precious feline friend. It makes sense to choose an Egyptian cat name if you have an Egyptian breed, such as the Egyptian Mau or a hairless Sphynx, named after the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Top Egyptian Cat Names

Anhur – Valor (reflecting the bravery and strength of the god of war)

Bastet – Luna (meaning “moon,” symbolizing the maternal and nurturing aspects of the Egyptian goddess)

Geb – Terra (Latin for “Earth,” representing the god’s connection to the land)

Horus – Zephyr (inspired by the sky god’s association with the heavens and winds)

Isis – Serenity (reflecting the multifaceted nature of the goddess, including healing and protection)

Osiris – Shadow (symbolizing the mysteries of the underworld over which Osiris presides)

Sekhmet – Blaze (representing the fiery aspect of the lioness goddess of war and healing)

Seth – Tempest (symbolizing chaos and upheaval, traits associated with Seth)

Sphinx – Enigma (capturing the mysterious and enigmatic nature of this mythological creature)

Maat – Harmony (representing the goddess’s role in maintaining balance and justice)

Mafdet – Stealth (reflecting the cat-like agility and cunning associated with this goddess)

Mau – Solar (representing the cat’s connection to the sun god Ra)

Menhit – Athena (named after the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, reflecting similar attributes)

Mihos – Leo (simple and straightforward, reflecting the lion-like form of Bastet’s son)

Mut – Gaia (honoring the mother goddess with a name meaning “earth” or “mother”)

Nefertum – Blossom (symbolizing beauty and renewal, traits associated with this god)

Pakhet – Fury (reflecting the ferocity and power of this lioness goddess of war)

Ptah – Artisan (honoring the creator god with a name reflecting craftsmanship and creation)

Ra – Sol (Latin for “sun,” representing the sun god’s radiant power and influence)

Thoth – Sage (reflecting the wisdom and knowledge associated with the god of writing and magic)

Royal Egyptian Cat Names

Amenhotep – Blaze (symbolizing the powerful and radiant reign of this Egyptian pharaoh)

Cleopatra – Jewel (reflecting the regal and charismatic nature of the famous Egyptian queen)

Hatshepsut – Nova (representing the bright and innovative reign of this female pharaoh)

Menes – Genesis (symbolizing the founding and establishment associated with this ancient pharaoh)

Merneith – Aurora (meaning “dawn,” representing the dawn of a new era under her regency)

Nefertiti – Seraphina (derived from “seraph,” meaning “fiery ones,” reflecting her beauty and charisma)

Pharaoh – Sovereign (reflecting the authority and rulership embodied by this title)

Ramses – Titan (symbolizing the immense power and grandeur associated with this renowned pharaoh)

Sobekneferu – Delta (honoring the female pharaoh with a name representing the Nile Delta, a symbol of fertility and power)

Thutmose – Apex (symbolizing the peak of power and influence during the reign of this pharaoh)

Tutankhamun – Phoenix (reflecting the legendary rise and resurgence associated with this famous pharaoh)

Twosret – Eclipse (symbolizing the end of an era and the transition to a new phase under her rule)

Egyptian Cat Names Inspired by Places

Abydos – Cleo (meaning “glory of the father,” honoring the ancient city’s significance in Egyptian religious beliefs)

Alexandria – Nefertiti (meaning “the beautiful one has come,” reflecting the grandeur and cultural richness of the city)

Cairo – Ra (named after the Egyptian sun god, symbolizing the vibrant energy and vitality of the capital city)

Damietta – Bastet (derived from the ancient Egyptian goddess of home, domesticity, and cats, reflecting the port city’s historical importance and connection to trade)

Gezira – Nile (inspired by the island’s location in the Nile River, symbolizing its central presence in Cairo’s landscape)

Giza – Sphinx (honoring the iconic monument located in the city, representing mystery and enigma)

Luxor – Amun (named after the ancient Egyptian god of the sun and air, reflecting the city’s historical significance as the capital of ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom)

Nile – Cleopatra (paying homage to the famous Egyptian queen who ruled during the time of the Nile’s importance in Egyptian civilization)

Ramesseum – Ramses (after the pharaoh Ramesses, honoring the memorial temple dedicated to him)

Rosetta – Isis (named after the ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom and magic, symbolizing the port city’s historical importance as a center of trade and culture)

Sinai – Sinai (keeping the name of the peninsula, representing its biblical significance and majestic landscapes)

Seti – Phoenix (symbolizing rebirth and renewal, reflecting the enduring legacy of this pharaoh)

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