French Cat Names: 213 Charming Picks for Your Chat

Find the perfect name to match your cat’s charming personality, elegant appearance, or graceful stature.

As you prepare your home for the arrival of your new cat, choosing the ideal French Cat name for your furry companion is likely a priority. Although referred to by a name that hints at French origins, many cats, like the Frenchies, boast a lineage that traverses borders, embodying a blend of sophistication and mystery that has enchanted people worldwide. Today, they are treasured pets across the globe, celebrated for their mysterious grace, independent spirit, and affectionate nature. Cats, with their sleek forms, enigmatic gazes, and serene composure, bring a unique blend of joy and elegance into our lives.

To assist you in finding that perfect moniker, we’ve assembled a list of 213 French Cat names, each chosen to complement the unique allure of your feline friend.

French Cat Names: 213 Charming Picks for Your Chat
French Cat Names: 213 Charming Picks for Your Chat

Male Cat Names: Classic and Fun Picks for Your Tom

Choose from this eclectic list of French-inspired, classic, and whimsical names for your noble male cat.

Male Cat Names With Meanings

  • Angus – Symbolizing strength and uniqueness, perfect for a robust or commanding cat.
  • Argento – Italian for silver, ideal for a cat with a sleek, silvery coat.
  • Armani – After the fashion brand, for a cat with a sleek and stylish demeanor.
  • Bandit – For the mischievous cat who steals hearts (and maybe treats).
  • Barney – Strong and brave, a fit for a courageous or protective feline.
  • Baxter – Baker, for a cat who loves lounging in warm spots.
  • Beau – Handsome, a classic choice for a strikingly beautiful cat.
  • Benny – Blessed, suitable for a cat who brings great joy.
  • Benson – Son of Ben, for a cat with a strong, loyal presence.
  • Bleu – French for blue, for a cat with captivating blue eyes.
  • Boris – Fighter, for a spirited cat with a warrior’s heart.
  • Brioche – For a sweet and beloved cat, as irresistible as the pastry.
  • Bruce – For a cat with a strong, natural spirit.
  • Bruno – For a cat with a dark coat or a strong, solid presence.
  • Brutus – Heavy, muscular; ironically fitting for a stout or large cat.
  • Bud – Friend, for your constant companion.
  • Buster – For the tough guy with a soft heart.
  • Champ – Short for Champion; for a cat who’s number one in your life.
  • Charles (Charlie) – Free man, for an independent, free-spirited cat.
  • Chauncey – Chancellor, for a cat with a regal or dignified bearing.
  • Chester – For a cat that feels like a fortress of comfort.
  • Chewie – For a cat who loves to nibble or has a fluffy coat.
  • Chief – Leader, for the cat who rules the household.
  • Chopper – For the adventurous cat who’s always into something.
  • Claude – After the Roman family name, for a cat with a limping or distinctive walk.
  • Cornelius – Horn, for a cat with a strong, commanding voice.
  • Dijon – For a cat with a spicy personality or a mustard-colored coat.
  • Dmitry – Devoted to Demeter, perfect for a cat who loves the outdoors or has a harvest-colored coat.
  • Doug – Dark water, for a cat with a mysterious or deep personality.
  • Elton – For a cat with a regal presence or flamboyant character.
  • Elvis – All wise, for the cat who knows just how to get their way.
  • Emil – Rival, for a playful, competitive cat.
  • Frank – Free one, for an independent or adventurous cat.
  • Gaston – Guest, stranger, for a cat with a curious nature.
  • Gnocchi – For a plump, adorable cat who is as comforting as the dish.
  • Gumbo – A mix of great qualities, perfect for a cat with a unique blend of traits.
  • Gus – Short for Gustav, for a cat with a majestic presence.
  • Hamilton – Beautiful mountain, for a majestic or large cat.
  • Hugo – Mind, intellect, for a cat with a clever or contemplative nature.
  • Jaq – A playful name for a cat who’s clever and quick.
  • Jean Luc – God is gracious, light; for a cat who brings light into your life.
  • Kirby – For a cat who’s a central part of your home and heart.
  • Leo – Lion, for a cat with a regal mane or a lion-hearted spirit.
  • Lou – Famous warrior, for a brave and bold cat.
  • Lyon – After the French city or for a cat with a lion-like demeanor.
  • Manny – God is with us, for a cat who seems heaven-sent.
  • Milo – For a cat who is both strong and sweet.
  • Monty – Mountain, for a steadfast or imposing cat.
  • Napoleon – For a small cat with a grand personality.
  • Nico – Victory of the people, for a beloved, winning cat.
  • Norman – For a cat who’s a little bit mysterious or noble.
  • Oscar – God spear, deer-lover; for a cat who’s a hunter at heart.
  • Otis – Wealthy, for a cat who enriches your life.
  • Percy – For a cat who enjoys peaceful moments or has a noble spirit.
  • Pierre – Rock, stone; for a strong, dependable cat.
  • Pinto – For a cat with a spotted or unique coat.
  • Poncho – A covering, for a cat who loves to cuddle.
  • Quincy – For a cat with a noble, distinguished air.
  • Rocky – For a resilient, steadfast cat.
  • Roscoe – Deer forest, for a cat who loves to explore.
  • Roy – King, for the undisputed ruler of your home.
  • Rudy – Famous wolf, for a cat with a fierce or bold spirit.
  • Sebastian – Venerable, revered; for a cat with a wise, old soul.
  • Sinatra – For a cat with a smooth, charming personality.
  • Theodore – Gift of God, for a cat who’s a blessing in your life.
  • Tyrion – For a clever, strategic cat with a strong personality.
  • Walter – Army ruler; for a cat who commands attention.
  • Watson – Son of Wat; for a curious, intelligent cat.
  • Willow – Freedom, grace; for a graceful, elegant cat.
  • Winston – Joy stone; for a cat who brings joy and stability.

Female Cat Names: Elegant, Sophisticated, and Charming Choices for Your Graceful Mademoiselle

Dive into this curated list of names ideal for highlighting the elegance, sophistication, or playful spirit of your beloved female cat.

Female Cat Names With Meanings

  • Adèle – Noble and gentle, perfect for a dignified and graceful cat.
  • Antoinette – For a cat with a regal and invaluable presence, priceless.
  • Babette – A name that exudes abundance and care, “My God is plentiful.”
  • Belle – Simply means beautiful, fitting for a cat with stunning looks.
  • Bernadette (Bernie) – For a strong and protective feline, “brave as a bear.”
  • Bijou – Jewel, for a precious and loved cat.
  • Bleu – A unique name for a cat with striking blue eyes or a serene demeanor.
  • Bonnie – For a cat that is always beautifully charming.
  • Brie – After the creamy cheese or the French region, for a soft and beloved cat.
  • Béatrice (Betty) – A cat that brings joy and blessings into your home.
  • Camille – For a cat that is like a young ceremonial attendant, full of grace.
  • Celeste – Heavenly, ideal for a cat with a serene and divine presence.
  • Chanel – After the fashion brand, for a stylish and sophisticated cat.
  • Chloé – Blooming, perfect for a youthful and fertile spirit.
  • Claire – For a cat with a clear and luminous presence.
  • Clementine – For a gentle and merciful cat, full of compassion.
  • Cleo – A cat worthy of praise and acclaim.
  • Coco – For a sweet cat, possibly with a mischievous side.
  • Cosette – A small and delicate cat, “little thing.”
  • Céline – For a cat that is luminous and serene, like the moon.
  • Daisy – Bright and cheerful, like the flower.
  • Darcy – For a cat with a dark coat or mysterious allure.
  • Désirée – For a much-desired and cherished feline friend.
  • Eloise – Healthy, for a cat with a robust and lively spirit.
  • Eva – Life, for a vibrant and lively cat.
  • Fendi – After the luxurious brand, for a cat with a glamorous personality.
  • Fleur – Flower, perfect for a delicate and beautiful cat.
  • Florence – For a cat that brings prosperity and growth.
  • Francesca – Free one, for an independent and spirited cat.
  • Gelda – For a cat with a noble and valued presence.
  • Genevieve – For a noble and race-leading cat, a leader in charm.
  • Georgette – Earth worker, for a down-to-earth and industrious cat.
  • Gigi – For a cat that is both earthy and divine.
  • Honey – Sweet and affectionate, perfect for a loving cat.
  • Iris – Rainbow, for a cat with a colorful and vibrant personality.
  • Ivy – Fidelity, for a loyal and steadfast companion.
  • Jezebel – For a cat with a bold and unapologetic nature.
  • Josephine (Jo or Josie) – A cat whose presence promises to increase joy.
  • Josette – A blessed addition, for a cat that increases the joy in your life.
  • Joy – For a cat that brings happiness and delight.
  • Jules – Youthful and soft, for a gentle and playful cat.
  • Juliette – For a youthful and endearing feline.
  • Layla – Night, for a mysterious and nocturnal cat.
  • Lilou – A sweet and floral name, perfect for a delicate and lovely cat.
  • Lola – Sorrows, for a cat with a soulful and deep presence.
  • Lucie – Light, for a cat that illuminates your life.
  • Lulu – Pearl, for a rare and valuable cat.
  • Mabel – Lovable, for a universally adored cat.
  • Macy – For a cat with a striking and powerful presence.
  • Madeline – Woman from Magdala, for a cat with an elevated and dignified nature.
  • Margeaux – Pearl, for a cat with a refined and precious beauty.
  • Marie – Sea of bitterness or beloved, for a cat with depth or beloved nature.
  • Mimi – Imitating, perfect for a cat that mirrors your own traits.
  • Minnie – Of the mind, for a thoughtful and intelligent cat.
  • Missy – For a cat with a dignified and feminine charm.
  • Mitzi – Rebellious, for a cat with a spirited and independent streak.
  • Odette – Wealthy, for a cat that brings richness to your life.
  • Olive – Symbol of peace, for a serene and harmonious cat.
  • Ophelia – Help, for a cat that offers comfort and companionship.
  • Paris – For a cat as enchanting and beautiful as the city of lights.
  • Penelope (Penny) – Weaver, for a cat that weaves joy and comfort into your life.
  • Petunia – For a cat as delicate and charming as the flower.
  • Phoebe – Bright and shining, for a cat with a luminous personality.
  • Piper – Pipe player, for a cat with a melodious and captivating voice.
  • Pippa – Lover of horses, for a cat with a free-spirited and adventurous nature.
  • Poppy – Flower, for a cat that stands out with vibrant beauty.
  • Princess – For a cat that demands and deserves royal treatment.
  • Renée – Reborn, for a cat that brought new life and joy into your home.
  • Rose – The epitome of beauty and love, perfect for a cherished cat.
  • Rue – Regret, for a cat with a poignant and memorable presence.
  • Sophia – Wisdom, for a cat with a wise and discerning nature.
  • Stella – Star, for a cat that shines brightly in your life.
  • Tulip – For a cat with a gentle and captivating beauty.
  • Violet – For a cat with a mysterious and noble aura.
  • Vivienne – Alive, for a cat vibrant with life and energy.
  • Wanda – A slender, young tree, for a graceful and elegant cat.
  • Winifred (Winnie) – Blessed peacemaking, for a cat that brings harmony.
  • Zoé – Life, for a cat that brings vitality and joy into every day.

Cute Cat Names: Adorable Picks for Your Feline Friend

With the undeniable charm and elegance of cats, selecting a cute name is perfectly suited for these enchanting companions.

Cute Cat Names With Meanings

  • Amour – Love, for a cat that embodies affection and warmth.
  • Beans – For a small but essential presence in your life, just like the humble yet vital bean.
  • Bebe – Baby in French, suited for your petite and adorable kitten.
  • Biscuit – For a cat whose sweetness rivals that of a freshly baked treat.
  • Boo – A term of endearment for your beloved furry companion.
  • Bubba – Brother, for a cat that feels like a part of your family.
  • Bun – Short for bunny, for a cat as endearing and soft as a rabbit.
  • Butters – For a cat with a silky, creamy coat or a sweet disposition.
  • Butterscotch – For a cat with a warm, golden hue or a sweet nature.
  • Chouchou – A French term of endearment meaning favorite or darling, perfect for your cherished cat.
  • Chowder – For a cat with a delightful mix of traits, as comforting as the dish.
  • Cinnamon – For a cat with a spicy personality or a warm, reddish-brown coat.
  • Cookie – For a cat so sweet, their presence is like a joyful treat.
  • Duchess – For a cat with an aristocratic and dignified air.
  • Dumpling – For a cat that provides comfort and satisfaction, just like the food.
  • Mochi – For a cat with a soft, plush coat, as sweet and squishy as the dessert.
  • Moose – Ironically suited for a cat with a grand presence, despite their smaller size.
  • Nacho – For a cat with a fiery spirit or a colorful personality.
  • Noodle – For a cat that’s as flexible and endearing as the beloved food.
  • Nugget – For a precious, small cat who is a treasure in your life.
  • Oreo – For a cat with distinct black and white markings.
  • Peanut – For a tiny but fearless cat with a mighty spirit.
  • Pepper – For a cat with a feisty, spirited personality.
  • Pickles – For a cat with a tangy, vibrant personality that adds zest to your life.
  • Pinto – For a cat with a speckled or mottled coat, as unique as pinto beans.
  • Potato – For a cat who enjoys lounging in comfort, embodying the essence of relaxation.
  • Sprout – For a young cat full of life and growth.
  • Spud – A cozy, affectionate name, another nod to the humble potato, for a cat who’s a staple in your life.
  • Stitch – For a cat with a mischievous, adventurous spirit, reminiscent of the beloved character.
  • Tater – A variant of potato, for an indispensable, heartwarming cat.
  • Tinkerbell – For a cat with an enchanting, magical quality that captures your heart.
  • Toast – For a cat that brings warmth and comfort into your mornings and life.
  • Tofu – For a cat with a gentle, soft demeanor, and a comforting presence.

Unique Cat Names: Distinctive Picks for Your Feline

Celebrate your cat’s uniqueness with a name that’s as intriguing and special as they are. These original names ensure your cat will be the talk of the neighborhood, not just another face in the crowd.

Unique Cat Names With Meanings

  • Burgundy – For a cat with a rich, luxurious coat or a dignified presence, named after the famed French wine region.
  • Citron – Perfect for a cat with a lively, refreshing personality, “citron” being French for “lemon.”
  • D’artagnan – For the adventurous and brave cat, inspired by the daring musketeer from “The Three Musketeers.”
  • Dior – After the prestigious fashion house, suited for a cat with an elegant and refined demeanor.
  • Eiffel – For a cat that stands tall and proud, reminiscent of the iconic Eiffel Tower.
  • Esme – “Esteemed” or “loved” in French, a name for a highly cherished and adored feline.
  • Givenchy – Symbolizing sophistication and high fashion, ideal for a stylish and graceful cat.
  • Hermès – Denoting high-quality and luxury, for a cat with a timeless and classic appeal.
  • Laurent – Inspired by the revolutionary designer Yves Saint Laurent, for a cat with a bold and creative spirit.
  • Louboutin – For a cat with a standout personality, as striking as the famed red-soled shoes.
  • Mignon – “Cute” or “delicate” in French, perfectly describing an adorable and charming cat.
  • Monet – Evoking the beauty and tranquility of Claude Monet’s paintings, for a serene and beautiful cat.
  • Montpellier – Named after the sunny city in France, suitable for a cat with a bright and warm disposition.
  • Roquefort – A distinct name inspired by the strong French cheese, for a cat with a bold and memorable character.
  • Sarte – For a thoughtful cat with depth, inspired by the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.
  • Versailles – Denoting majesty and splendor, like the grand Palace of Versailles, for a regal and distinguished cat.
  • Voltaire – Reflecting intelligence and wit, a fitting name for a wise and insightful cat.
  • Vuitton – Symbolizing travel and luxury, Louis Vuitton makes a sophisticated name for a worldly and refined cat.

Funny Cat Names: Whimsical Choices for Your Comical Cat

Celebrate the playful and joyful essence of your cat with a name that mirrors their role as the ultimate source of amusement. These whimsical and humorous names are ideal for a cat who fills your days with laughter and smiles.

Funny Cat Names With Meanings:

  • Baguette – For a cat with a long, sleek body or one who simply loves to knead and “bake” on your lap.
  • Biggie – Perfect for a small cat with a grand personality or commanding presence.
  • Bowser – Inspired by the iconic video game villain, for a cat that rules the household with a mischievous paw.
  • Croissant – For a cat whose personality is as layered and delightful as the famed pastry.
  • Dozer – For a cat who spends most of their day snoozing in sunbeams or bulldozing through their toys.
  • Meatball – A charming name for a round, fluffy cat who’s as endearing as they are plump.
  • Piglet – For a cat with a hearty appetite or one that makes adorable snorting noises while exploring.
  • Spock – For a cat with notably pointed ears, exuding the same wisdom and logic as the “Star Trek” character.
  • Squirt – Ideal for a kitten or a smaller cat, signifying their sprightly and energetic nature.
  • Tank – For a robust, determined cat, small in size but large in spirit and tenacity.
  • Teeny – A sweet name for a dainty, petite cat who may be small but has a big personality.
  • Toad – For a cat that has a unique way of moving or lounging, reminiscent of the amphibian’s squat stance.
  • Yoda – For a cat who, despite their age or size, shares the sage-like demeanor and perhaps the ears of the wise Jedi Master.

More Cat Name Ideas: Expand Your Search

If you’re continuing your quest for the perfect name for your enchanting cat, consider widening your selection with these additional lists to discover a name that perfectly captures your pet’s distinct personality and allure.

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