83 Russian Cat Names

We have compiled a list of Russian cat names that are strong and beautiful

83 Russian Cat Names
83 Russian Cat Names

If you are looking for a different or unusual name for your new kitten or adult cat, Russian cat names are an excellent choice. The beautiful language and interesting history and culture of Russia provide many great name ideas for your cat or baby.

You may also be surprised to learn that Russia is the homeland of many cat breeds. Many people are familiar with the silver-haired Russian blue cat and the plush-coated Siberian cat, but some Russian cat breeds are rare and exotic, like the hairless Donskoy cat and the Kurilian bobtail, which is naturally stumpy, pom-pom tail.

Whether you have a Russian cat breed, have Russian roots, or are just like Russia, the Russian nickname is unique and suitable for almost any cat.

Russian Cat Names for Male Cats

Classic masculine Russian names are wonderful choices for boys and cats. Here are some ideas for your consideration:

  • Aleksandr – Meaning “defender of mankind,” Aleksandr represents strength, protection, and courage.
  • Alek – Short for Aleksandr, Alek signifies resilience and steadfastness.
  • Alyosha – A nickname for Aleksandr, Alyosha represents loyalty, friendship, and companionship.
  • Arseni – Meaning “manly,” Arseni represents bravery, vigor, and masculinity.
  • Bazhen – Meaning “wish,” Bazhen symbolizes hope, aspiration, and desire.
  • Dima – A nickname for Dmitry, Dima signifies strength and determination.
  • Evgeni – Meaning “well born,” Evgeni represents nobility, dignity, and grace.
  • Feodor – Meaning “gift from God,” Feodor represents blessings, gratitude, and divine favor.
  • Feliks – Russian form of Felix, meaning “lucky,” Feliks signifies fortune, prosperity, and good luck.
  • Grisha – A nickname for Grigory, which means “watchful,” Grisha represents attentiveness and vigilance.
  • Igor – Meaning “warrior of peace,” Igor represents strength, diplomacy, and harmony.
  • Ivan – Meaning “God is gracious,” Ivan represents kindness, generosity, and divine favor.
  • Konstantin – Meaning “constant” or “steadfast,” Konstantin signifies resilience, determination, and reliability.
  • Kostya – A nickname for Konstantin, Kostya symbolizes strength and endurance.
  • Luka – Russian form of Lucas or Luke, meaning “light,” Luka represents illumination, enlightenment, and guidance.
  • Maksim – Meaning “greatest,” Maksim represents excellence, superiority, and leadership.
  • Mikhail – Meaning “follower of God,” Mikhail represents faith, devotion, and spirituality.
  • Misha – A form of Michael, which means “who is like the Lord.” In Russian, Misha also means bear cub, symbolizing strength and protection.
  • Mstislav – Meaning “vengeance and glory,” Mstislav signifies valor, honor, and triumph.
  • Nikolai – A form of Nicholas, meaning “victorious” or “conqueror of the people,” Nikolai represents victory, success, and triumph.
  • Pyotr – Russian form of Peter, meaning “rock,” Pyotr symbolizes strength, stability, and resilience.
  • Stanislav – Meaning “standing in glory,” Stanislav represents honor, prestige, and dignity.
  • Valentin – Meaning “strong” or “vigorous,” Valentin signifies power, vitality, and strength.
  • Vladimir – Meaning “of great power” or “ruler of the world,” Vladimir represents authority, dominance, and sovereignty.
  • Vladislav – Meaning “rules in glory,” Vladislav symbolizes leadership, majesty, and supremacy.
  • Volya – Meaning “will” or “freedom,” Volya represents independence, autonomy, and determination.
  • Yaroslav – Meaning “fierce and glorious,” Yaroslav signifies strength, bravery, and honor.

Russian Cat Names for Female Cats

Try one of these feminine Russian names for your girl cat or kitten. With so many beautiful names, it can be difficult to choose:

  • Alyonushka – A nickname for Yelena, Alyonushka represents brightness and warmth.
  • Anastasia – Meaning “resurrection,” Anastasia symbolizes new beginnings, renewal, and hope.
  • Anna – Derived from Hebrew, Anna means “grace,” representing elegance, beauty, and kindness.
  • Anya – A nickname for Anna, Anya signifies warmth, affection, and charm.
  • Bronislava – Meaning “protection and glory,” Bronislava represents strength, courage, and honor.
  • Darya – Meaning “possessing good,” Darya signifies positivity, prosperity, and abundance.
  • Dasha – A nickname for Darya, Dasha represents joy, vitality, and enthusiasm.
  • Dunya – Meaning “well pleased,” Dunya symbolizes contentment, satisfaction, and happiness.
  • Ekaterina – Derived from Greek, Ekaterina means “pure,” representing innocence, clarity, and virtue.
  • Evgenia – Russian form of Eugenia, meaning “noble,” Evgenia represents dignity, honor, and integrity.
  • Fedora – Meaning “gift of God,” Fedora signifies blessings, grace, and divine favor.
  • Galina – Meaning “calm, tranquil,” Galina represents peace, serenity, and harmony.
  • Irina – Derived from Greek, Irina means “peace,” symbolizing tranquility, calmness, and serenity.
  • Isidora – Meaning “gift of Isis,” Isidora represents blessings, protection, and divine guidance.
  • Katenka – A nickname for Ekaterina, Katenka signifies purity, innocence, and grace.
  • Katya – A diminutive of Ekaterina, Katya represents purity, beauty, and elegance.
  • Lena – A nickname for Yelena, Lena symbolizes brightness, warmth, and radiance.
  • Ludmila – Meaning “love of the people,” Ludmila signifies compassion, empathy, and community.
  • Margosha – Russian form of Margaret, meaning “pearl,” Margosha represents beauty, purity, and elegance.
  • Marina – Meaning “from the sea,” Marina symbolizes fluidity, adaptability, and depth.
  • Masha – A diminutive of Maria, Masha represents warmth, affection, and kindness.
  • Mila – Meaning “dear,” Mila represents love, affection, and closeness.
  • Nadezhda – Meaning “hope,” Nadezhda signifies optimism, faith, and resilience.
  • Nadina – A variation of Nadezhda, Nadina represents hope, positivity, and strength.
  • Nataliya – Russian version of Natasha, meaning “born on Christmas day,” Nataliya signifies joy, celebration, and rebirth.
  • Olya – Derived from Greek, Olya means “hearty, holy,” symbolizing strength, vitality, and purity.
  • Rada – Meaning “pleased,” Rada represents contentment, satisfaction, and happiness.
  • Slava – Meaning “glory,” Slava signifies honor, prestige, and triumph.
  • Sonya – A diminutive of Sofia, meaning “wisdom,” Sonya represents intelligence, insight, and knowledge.
  • Svetlana – Meaning “luminescent,” Svetlana represents radiance, brightness, and warmth.
  • Tanya – A diminutive of Tatiana, Tanya signifies praise, gratitude, and appreciation.
  • Yelena – Meaning “shining light,” Yelena represents brightness, warmth, and guidance.

More Russian Cat Names (Just for Fun)

Naming your cat “kitten” or “lion” doesn’t have to be boring when you name it in another language. From names that express your love and appreciation for cats to names that are a play on words, check out these Russian cat name ideas taken from simple definitions that can fit almost any cat perfectly.

  • Anatoly – Meaning “sunrise,” Anatoly represents new beginnings, warmth, and vitality.
  • Anton – Meaning “worthy of praise,” Anton signifies honor, respect, and admiration.
  • Boris – Meaning “wolf,” Boris represents strength, resilience, and independence.
  • Gena – Meaning “noble,” Gena symbolizes dignity, integrity, and honor.
  • Igor – Meaning “warrior,” Igor represents bravery, courage, and strength.
  • Koshka – Meaning “female cat,” Koshka is a charming and playful name for a female dog.
  • Koshechka – Meaning “female kitten,” Koshechka is a cute and endearing name for a female dog.
  • Kot – Meaning “male cat,” Kot is a strong and confident name for a male dog.
  • Kotik – Meaning “male kitten,” Kotik is a sweet and playful name for a male dog.
  • Lev – Meaning “lion,” Lev represents strength, courage, and leadership.
  • Lyubov – Meaning “love,” Lyubov signifies affection, compassion, and warmth.
  • Milan – Meaning “dear,” Milan represents closeness, affection, and love.
  • Myshka – Meaning “little mouse,” Myshka is a cute and playful name for a small dog.
  • Pavel – Meaning “small” or “humble,” Pavel represents modesty, humility, and kindness.
  • Pasha – A nickname for Pavel, Pasha signifies warmth, affection, and companionship.
  • Polina – Meaning “little,” Polina represents youthfulness, vitality, and energy.
  • Rufina – Meaning “red-haired,” Rufina signifies warmth, vibrancy, and vitality.
  • Rybka – Meaning “little fish,” Rybka is a charming and playful name for a small dog.
  • Solnyshko – Meaning “small sun,” Solnyshko represents brightness, warmth, and vitality.
  • Timur – Meaning “iron,” Timur signifies strength, resilience, and durability.
  • Zolotse – Meaning “gold,” Zolotse represents value, preciousness, and beauty.
  • Zoya – Meaning “life,” Zoya signifies vitality, energy, and zest for life.
  • Zvezda – Meaning “star,” Zvezda represents brightness, guidance, and inspiration.
  • Zephyr – Meaning “gentle breeze,” Zephyr represents tranquility, grace, and serenity.

Tips for Choosing Russian Cat Names

When choosing a new name for your cat, consider its unique qualities such as its color, gender, and personality. Many Russian names are variations of names from other languages but with a Russian twist. Knowing the meaning of a name you like can help you decide if that name is a good fit for your cat.

The possibilities for Russian names for cats are practically endless, but you have to start somewhere, so we’ve collected 82 great Russian cat names, complete with meanings and divided by male and female. For fun, we’ve also added some Russian names that are exceptionally suitable for cats, and are suitable for cats and kittens of all ages, sizes, colors, and genders. Enjoy browsing our Russian cat names list as you search for a unique Russian name for your new kitten or cat!

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