76 Unisex Cat Names

You’ll find these gender-neutral names to be perfect for your cat

A wide variety of unisex cat names are available to suit any kitty, regardless of its gender. If you’re dreaming about your future kitty’s name before you adopt, gender-neutral cat names are great. Additionally, they are perfect for pet lovers who like to think of unusual names for their pets.

76 Unisex Cat Names
76 Unisex Cat Names

To help you get started on your naming journey, we’ve compiled a great list of 76 unisex cat names. If you find the perfect name for your new cat or kitten on this list or just peruse different names, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect unisex cat name.

Top Unisex Cat Names

Some cat names are exceptionally appropriate for both male and female cats. Some feline names refer to a cat’s color (like Midnight or Smokey), while others emphasize special markings (like Socks, Patches, or Tabby). Other common names for cats relate to their fur length (Fluffy or Fuzzy), and some just seem to fit them perfectly (here’s looking at you, Baby and Lucky).

Consider these popular gender-neutral cat names, whether you choose an old-time classic or modern one:

  • Baby – A name indicating small size or affection.
  • Blue – Named after the color of its fur or eyes.
  • Checkers – Perhaps inspired by a patterned coat, resembling a checkerboard.
  • Fluffy – Descriptive of a cat with abundant, soft fur.
  • Fuzzy – Similar to “Fluffy,” suggesting a soft, fuzzy texture.
  • Inky – For a black cat, reminiscent of ink or darkness.
  • Kit – Short for kitten, suitable for a young feline.
  • Kitty – A classic and endearing name for any cat.
  • Lucky – Believed to bring good fortune or luck.
  • Marbles – For a cat with eyes resembling colorful marbles.
  • Midnight – Perfect for a black cat, symbolizing the darkness of night.
  • Patches – Descriptive of a cat with patches of different colored fur.
  • Phantom – Mysterious and elusive, like a ghostly presence.
  • Rascal – Reflective of a mischievous or playful nature.
  • Shadow – Ideal for a cat who follows you like a shadow.
  • Smokey – For a cat with a hazy or smoky-colored coat.
  • Snowy – Suitable for a white-furred cat, evoking images of snow.
  • Socks – If the cat has distinctive markings resembling socks on its paws.
  • Spot – Named for distinctive spots or markings on its fur.
  • Tabby – Referring to the type of coat pattern, characterized by stripes, swirls, or spots.

Food-Inspired Unisex Cat Names

It’s always fun to consider food-based names, and they’re usually gender-neutral.

Consider funny-sounding foods (like Kahlua, Kiwi, Twinkie) or those that complement your cat’s hue — carrots or cheddar for orange cats, or Snickers or Hershey for brown cats.

It could be a perfect, gender-neutral name for your new cat if you have a favorite food.

Here are some unisex cat name ideas inspired by food:

  • Brownie – Named after the delicious chocolate treat, perfect for a brown-colored cat.
  • Carrots – Inspired by the vibrant orange color of carrots, suitable for an orange cat.
  • Chai – A name derived from the aromatic and comforting spiced tea.
  • Cheddar – Named after the popular cheese, ideal for a cat with a yellow or orange coat.
  • Chili – Reflective of a fiery and energetic personality.
  • Curry – Named after the flavorful spice blend used in many cuisines.
  • Hershey – Inspired by the famous chocolate brand, suitable for a brown-colored cat.
  • Kahlua – Named after the coffee-flavored liqueur, evoking warmth and richness.
  • Kiwi – Inspired by the fuzzy brown fruit, perfect for a cat with a unique appearance.
  • Mango – Named after the tropical fruit, ideal for a cat with a vibrant personality.
  • Miso – A name inspired by the traditional Japanese seasoning, suitable for a calm and serene cat.
  • Nacho – Reflective of a cheesy and playful nature.
  • Peanut – Perfect for a small cat or one with a nutty personality.
  • Pepper – Inspired by the spice, suitable for a lively and energetic cat.
  • Popcorn – Named after the popular snack, ideal for a cat who’s always popping with energy.
  • Pumpkin – Perfect for a cat with an orange coat, evoking images of fall and warmth.
  • Oreo – Named after the classic cookie with black and white layers, suitable for a cat with similar markings.
  • Snickers – Inspired by the chocolate bar, ideal for a cat with a sweet and playful demeanor.
  • Sushi – Named after the delicious Japanese dish, perfect for a cat with a sleek and agile nature.
  • Twinkie – Reflective of a sweet and lovable personality, like the popular snack cake.

Unisex Cat Names Based on Human Names

It is common to use the same human names for boys and girls, and these can be great choices for cats as well. These tried-and-true unisex names are sure to please:

  • Alex – A strong and timeless name suitable for a loyal companion.
  • Bailey – Friendly and approachable, perfect for a sociable dog.
  • Blake – Reflective of a confident and assertive canine.
  • Cameron – A name denoting strength and resilience.
  • Charlie – Classic and versatile, suitable for dogs of all sizes and personalities.
  • Dylan – Inspired by the Welsh word for “son of the sea,” ideal for a water-loving dog.
  • Harper – Reflective of a spirited and independent canine.
  • Jaime – A unisex name meaning “supplanter,” suitable for a dog with a determined personality.
  • Jesse – Symbolizing a loyal and devoted companion.
  • Kelsey – Denoting a brave and adventurous canine.
  • Max – A short and powerful name, perfect for a dog with a strong presence.
  • Marley – Reflective of a fun-loving and carefree dog, inspired by the famous canine from “Marley & Me.”
  • Morgan – A name meaning “sea defender,” ideal for a protective and loyal dog.
  • Reese – Reflective of a sweet and gentle nature, perfect for a loving companion.
  • Reagan – Inspired by the Gaelic word for “little ruler,” suitable for a confident and assertive dog.
  • Riley – A name denoting bravery and courage, ideal for an adventurous canine.
  • Sam – A friendly and approachable name, perfect for a sociable dog.
  • Scout – Reflective of a curious and adventurous nature, inspired by the character in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  • Skye – Named after the expansive sky, suitable for a free-spirited and independent dog.
  • Sloan – A strong and confident name, perfect for a bold and assertive canine.
  • Taylor – A unisex name meaning “tailor” or “to cut,” suitable for a versatile and adaptable dog.

Unisex Cat Names Based on Other Animals

You may also consider animal names – Tiger is a popular choice, but many other species in the animal kingdom can inspire a gender-neutral name for your cat. We’ve got some fun choices for you:

  • Bear – Reflective of a strong and protective canine, inspired by the majestic animal.
  • Dragon – Symbolizing power and strength, perfect for a fearless and adventurous dog.
  • Foxy – Denoting a clever and cunning nature, ideal for a dog with a mischievous streak.
  • Monkey – Reflective of a playful and energetic canine, reminiscent of the lively primate.
  • Moose – Named after the large and imposing animal, suitable for a big and sturdy dog.
  • Mouse – Ironic for a large or fearless dog, playing on the contrast in size.
  • Orca – Inspired by the powerful marine mammal, perfect for a strong and agile dog.
  • Panda – Reflective of a gentle and docile nature, ideal for a sweet and lovable dog.
  • Puma – Symbolizing agility and grace, suitable for a sleek and athletic dog.
  • Raven – Denoting intelligence and mystery, perfect for a dog with a dark or striking coat.
  • Robin – Named after the cheerful bird, suitable for a lively and spirited dog.
  • Sparrow – Reflective of a small and agile nature, ideal for a quick and nimble dog.
  • Tiger – Symbolizing strength and ferocity, perfect for a bold and powerful canine.
  • Wolf – Inspired by the wild and noble creature, perfect for a loyal and adventurous canine companion.

Tips for Choosing Unisex Cat Names

You don’t have to think about gender when choosing a great unisex name for your cat or kitten. Rather than thinking about the size, color, and coat type of your new cat, start by considering its personality and size.

There is no need to limit yourself to naming your cat based on its physical characteristics. Choosing a name for your cat does not have to be based on its physical characteristics. Choosing a name for your cat does not have to be based on its physical characteristics.

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